Are you a good boss?

Your answer was ‘yes’ wasn’t it?!

No one wants to be labeled as a “bad” boss; the one who everyone talks about behind their backs.

If you’re like me, you’d say, “I could care less what people think. After all, I’m the one signing their paychecks!”

Although this is very true, there can exist a good relationship with those you employ without being taken advantage of…because ultimately, that is what we try to avoid.

In order to have that healthy balance between employer and employee, one must evaluate themselves to know HOW to create and maintain that balance. Consider these questions in your evaluation. Make sure to answer truthfully! Tally your points at the end:

1. How long have your staff been with you? (1 point per year 0 points for months)

2. When a problem with administration arises, do you trust that management will handle it, or do you get involved? (1 point for trust management 0 points for get involved)

3. When your staff introduces new ideas to you, you: a) Take ideas into consideration (3 pts.)
b) Nod and pretend to listen (1 pt) c) Act like you just received a phone call (0 points)

4. Do you acknowledge your hard workers? a) yes (5 pts.) b) no (0 pts)

5. When it comes to your staff, do you believe in quality or quantity? (3 pts quality, 1 pt. quantity)

6. You are in the service industry. One day, you overhear one of your customers disrespecting your staff. What do you do?

          a) Pretend you didn’t hear it, you can’t afford to get involved and risk a bad review on Yelp (-2 points)

         b) Interrupt and tell your staff member she/he has a call (2 points)

         c) Tell the customer to get the heck out (high five!)

Just kidding (0 points)

7. One of your best workers expresses to you that she/he is going through a divorce and needs a raise. You:

              a) ask for proof (-5 points, you should be ashamed of yourself!)

             b) tell them they are up for review and you will discuss with the partners (3 points)

             c) Say yes. You could use an errand person after all (0 points)

If you scored between:

0-7: You could use some help in your social skills!

8-15: With some guidance and resources from HR, you could be the pillar to the organization!

16 or higher: Everyone loves working with and for you! You are fair,levelheaded and a natural leader! Your staff will follow you no matter what!

Being a good boss doesn’t mean you have to be loved by everyone. But being a good boss means they WILL respect you and performs their best for your approval! This keeps employees engaged, gives purpose and makes them care. Once you have that, you have a loyal employee! #positive reinforcement

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Dee Whitelocke

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