What To Expect With Our Free Consultation

Incase you were curious, here is what to expect when you connect with Pro Initiative Billing for your free consult:

  • Questions on your practice size
  • Why do we need to know this?
  • To evaluate whether our company is the right fit for you. We do have sufficient manpower to help up to 25 providers and/or physicians; however, if your practice contains more providers, we would either charge an additional fee or refer you to another company better suited for your practice size.
  • Are all providers credentialed?


If all providers are NOT credentialed, we need to then create a workflow so that they can still see patients (and you can still get paid) until they are credentialed. We would also need to know which plans you would like your providers to be enrolled in.

  • a) How many patients do your providers see daily?
  • b) How many providers are scheduled to see patients daily?


We need to determine how much time should be spent in processing the claims same day. This is also a good way for you as a client to evaluate the services we promise to provide and track revenue.

  • a) What EMR program are you currently using?
  • b) Are you satisfied with how it functions?


We need to know what we are working with and develop a plan to train our staff if it is a program we have not worked with before. This ensures maximum production!

  • a) Does your practice use Superbills?
  • b) If not, what is your workflow to track payments and or co pays?
    • Have you tracked the difference in revenue since you have stopped using Superbills?
    • Has revenue increased, decreased or remained the same?


If your practice does use superbills, we need to create a workflow so that we have secure access to them to get claims sent out same day.

If your practice does not use superbills, we need to again make sure a workflow is created so that all procedures performed are billed and all payments made by the patients are tracked and settled by end of day. If you do not currently have a workflow in place, no worries, we can help you create one!

It is important to track any modifications you have made within your practice to see if they are working. So we would need to review reports to see if there was any loss, gain or no change in revenue since the modification has been made. How far back we go to track your revenue would depend on how long it has been since the change has been made.

To get a proper evaluation of your practice and your need for our services, these questions are necessary to ask. Of course, there are a few more noteworthy inquiries, but we wanted to highlight these few to clarify any daunting questions for our future clients. It is important for you to know how we function as a team and the tools we need to function well!

We want to remind you that we offer trial services because we are THAT confident that we can increase your revenue AND empower you to grow your team with all A PLAYERS!

To set up your free consult today, please email inquiries to dwhitelocke@proinitiativebilling.com. We hope to hear from you soon!

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