Modifiers: What are they, and why do we care about them?

Modifiers are among the essential tools medical billers and administrators have in their arsenal. They can clarify complicated procedures, indicate special circumstances, and more. This post will explain what modifiers are and how billers should use them. Stay tuned for future posts that will dive into more specific applications of modifiers! What are modifiers andContinue reading “Modifiers: What are they, and why do we care about them?”

3 Reasons Why Medical Providers Should Bill Specimen Handling Code

What is specimen handling? Specimen handling involves collecting, preserving, and transporting specimens (such as blood or urine) sufficiently and stably to provide accurate and precise results suitable for clinical interpretation. 1– Specimen Handling is essential for patient care When a patient presents with an ailment, the physician’s role is to order the appropriate laboratory testsContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Medical Providers Should Bill Specimen Handling Code”


As is standard procedure in medical billing practices, patients who do not cancel an appointment with at least 24 hours’ notice or do not attend the visit are considered no shows. Estimated no-show rates are 5-7%. While this may seem low, it decreases revenue, costs, you and your staff time and can affect patient results. Continue reading BILLING PATIENTS FOR NO SHOWS


 VITAL TO YOUR PRACTICE’S SUCCESS Revenue cycle management is essential to operating all clinical and administrative data that enters the hospital and your practice. With the use of proper software assisting the process, it remains a laborious and complex procedure. In the case of hospitals, large amounts of data travel through several departments. Accuracy isContinue reading REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE MANAGEMENT 


AN ESSENTIAL SKILL A patient’s chart should stand alone as an accurate record of their illness and treatment. It is a valuable medical and legal document. A complete assessment will provide continuity of care, quality statistics, mortality/ morbidity data collection, and accurate reimbursement.  CDI professionals review of medical charts is quite possibly their most importantContinue reading REVIEWING PATIENT CHARTS 

Running an Effective Medical Practice

Most medical practices are hectic, and the physicians must be freed up to spend as much time as possible in helping patients through research and direct care. The most effective offices operate as a team, with each member being well qualified in their role. This kind of synergy does not happen by accident. Here areContinue reading “Running an Effective Medical Practice”

How providers can support their billing staff while still getting paid what they should

The one thing that billers universally agree on is the struggle of having patients dispute charges performed during their office visits. Most patients do not care that the physician took their time with their examination and was able to arrive at a diagnosis during that visit. The only thing the patient cares about is theirContinue reading “How providers can support their billing staff while still getting paid what they should”

Documenting Your Charts For URI’s

Whether your field is in pediatrics, family medicine, allergy or pulmonology, documenting your charts is key to getting the proper reimbursement for your services. For providers in the previously mentioned fields, the diagnosis of Upper Respiratory Infections has become a common theme for obvious reasons (the pandemic). Below are points that must be hit toContinue reading “Documenting Your Charts For URI’s”

What To Expect With Our Free Consultation

Incase you were curious, here is what to expect when you connect with Pro Initiative Billing for your free consult: Questions on your practice size Why do we need to know this? To evaluate whether our company is the right fit for you. We do have sufficient manpower to help up to 25 providers and/orContinue reading “What To Expect With Our Free Consultation”